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How to Clean Pet Hair off of Furniture

This is not only a time consuming task, but we never seem to get it all off. We can try vacuum cleaners, lint rollers, scrubbies and all of the newest products on the market and we still have hair on everything.

One day, while cleaning the house, I discovered something that was just too good to keep to myself. I had already cleanind the living room and as usual, I always spray the furniture and curtains with Fabic Refresher. I happen to like the aroma of Fabreeze, but I am sure that any Freshener will do.

As some of the Companies suggest, it leaves the material smelling fresh and clean and softens the fabric as well.

Here comes the hint of all time:
Spray your furniture as usual, not real wet, just a light mist will do. Then, gently rub your hand across the fabric. The hair will automatically roll right up and cling to your hand.
I usually carry a plastic bag over my arm with a piece of paper toweling in it.
Rub your hand across the paper toweling, in the bag and the hair will come right off, dry your hand and you are ready for the next area to clean.

Now your furniture is
• Hair free
• Smelling fresh
• Looks clean and refreshed
• And you don’t have a mess to clean up.

Try it yourself and you will be surprised at the outcome.