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Commercial Cleaning

Commercial CleaningOn the Spot Services Inc. has been providing professional commercial cleaning throughout theLower Mainland area for over 8 years. Our special and comprehensive janitorial services are why many commercial businesses have been customers for a long time.

The commercial cleaning crews at On the Spot Services Inc are fully licensed, insured, and bonded. All of our janitorial staff is meticulously trained to provide you with the cleanest environment possible using environmentally safe products. Plus, all of our cleaning crews are trained to meet all health code requirements.

Strata Maintenance

stra maintenanceWe offer regular cleaning and maintenance of Strata Buildings and Common areas working from single story apartments to towers of several floors. Our strata cleaning and maintenance services include:

Power Washing

power washingPower washing your home or business is one of  the most cost effective and efficient  ways of maintaining and restoring your property, It helps in protecting it from the harsh elements of wind and rain.  Through using state of the art equipment, professionally trained staff and enviormentally friendly products we are able to reduce the potential for long-term damage by removing unsightly build-up.  This allows you property to look at its best all year round.  On The Spot is proud to offer you all the services below to help you maintain the quality and cleanliness of your business or home.  Be the one that stands out on the block!

on the spot services

Residential Cleaning

residential cleaningWe offer special deep cleanings specifically designed for handling the stress of moving out, or preparing a residence for a new occupant. Our move-in/out services are complete, top-to-bottom cleans that will leave an unoccupied home in a pristine and inviting condition.

On the Spot Services

Rubbish Removal

rubbish removalOn the Spot Services provide fast, professional removal of rubbish for your home or office. We service the Lower Mainland area. On the Spot Services will send a friendly team and vehicle around to your location of your rubbish that is designated for removal, load it and take it away for you. We also clean up the area once the job is complete as if the rubbish problem was never there.

On the Spot Services

Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaningFor carpet cleaning. On the Spot Services is both affordable and convenient, contact the team and combine our services. On the Spot Services specialise in providing quality at a very affordable price point. The team at On the Spot Services recognise that many customers are looking for a basic, no frills carpet clean, at minimum expense. We regularly service the needs of tenants vacating properties at the end of a lease.

On the Spot Services

Furniture and Upolstery Cleaning

furniture and uploster cleaningCurtains, drapes, couches, sofas, and all furniture can serve as the beautifying centerpieces of any room, but they can also serve as collection points for dirt, dust, and other allergy-causing particles. Proper maintenance of your upholstery can keep it looking and smelling brand new.

On the Spot Services

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